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Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully bathrooms are designed to accommodate aging homeowners wishing to retire in their current homes. While working with the Clemleddy team, you will select which bathroom features will be best suited to fit your needs.

This spacious master bathroom has an open floor plan for easy maneuverability. Both the shower stall and the bathtub have easy access and sturdy grab bars to prevent falls. The toilet is heightened for easier sitting and standing and also has a convenient washlet seat.

The shower in this bathroom is particularly designed with the safety of the homeowner in mind. It is curbless – meaning you do not need to step into the shower which eliminates the risk of slipping. There are grab bars throughout the shower for balance and assistance while standing. The shelves in the stall are lowered to keep reaching to a minimum. It is spacious, with plenty of room to add seating.

A safety walk-in bathtub, complete with a hand-held shower head, grab bars, soothing Jacuzzi jets and a seat offers the homeowner relaxation without the hazards that can accompany a normal bathtub.

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