Craig Smyth

Craig Smyth

Owner, President, and Expedition Leader


Craig is the rock-solid raw energy that keeps Clemleddy Construction running – and it’s renewable! His enthusiasm and good humor inspire the Clemleddy Crew to strive for excellence on every project. Since starting the business in 1986, Craig has spent 35 years passionately growing Clemleddy Construction into the lake region’s premier builder of new homes and renovations.

Whether traveling, golfing, salt water fishing, or fulfilling his need for a good adrenaline rush, Craig is non-stop on-the-go. He has jumped out of a plane a few times (with a parachute!) and fulfilled his need for speed at the Pocono Raceway Stock Car Racing Experience.

Outside of Clemleddy Construction, Craigs uses his big heart to support the community and participates in various local associations such as Wayne Pike Building Industry Association, Pennsylvania Builders Association, and WEDCO.

Likes: hockey, concerts, fast driving, flowers, landscaping, and skiing
Not So Much: slow drivers, structure, fast food, and pretentious fake people