Building a luxury custom home or remodeling with Clemleddy Construction is an easy and clearly defined process. It begins with an initial conversation between you and your Clemleddy sales manager to reach a mutual understanding of realistic expectations. Once this is achieved, we enter into a Professional Service Agreement that defines the path to a Construction Contract and completion of your project.

Your Project JournalThroughout the construction process, your project manager will be available to answer any questions. You will also receive progress reports through Your Project Journal. Take a test drive today!

Click on any of the following steps for more information:

  • Step 1: Consultation

    We engage in an initial consultation to determine the scope of your project and your budget parameters. At this time your sales manager will explain Clemleddy’s Design/Build process.

  • Step 2: Professional Service Agreement

    We agree to proceed by initiating a Professional Service Agreement. Your sales manger will review your need and wish lists. Pictures from magazines are helpful.

  • Step 3: Budget

    Preliminary plans are reviewed and a preliminary budget is presented.

  • Step 4: Construction Contract

    Design plans are finalized, a scope of work is developed and a Construction Contract is presented for your review.

  • Step 5: Construction

    This begins the second phase of our Design/Build process. A Clemleddy project manager is assigned to your project and, once your Construction Contract is finalized, permitting is initiated, your construction schedule is finalized, and the selection process begins. Shortly thereafter construction of your new home or remodel begins.

  • Step 6: Walk-Through & Follow-Up

    After construction is complete you will receive a full orientation of your new home or remodeled home. You will also receive your New Home Warranty and your equipment, appliance and product warranties. Within several weeks of your move-in a member of the Clemleddy Team will schedule an on-site visit, at your convenience, to conduct a brief exit interview. We will then contact you in 11 months to ensure all is well. If there are any minor repairs needed, due to settling, they will be taken care of at this time.