Ellen Wojtowicz, MBA

Ellen is the foundation on which Clemleddy stands.  A team member since 1998, she provides a cheerful balance that keeps Clemleddy on a steady growth track. Ellen directs Clemleddy’s business office and finances, handling tasks like budgeting, financial analysis, payroll and strategic business development.

As a Penn State Alumni with a bachelor’s degree in Finance, she frequents Happy Valley to attend Nittany Lions football games. She is a lifelong learner and received an Academic Achievement Award from Wilkes University after completing its MBA program. Ellen loves to push herself to new boundaries and skydiving at 10,000 feet was just another adventure added to her list.

Likes: Chocolate peanut butter ice cream, technology, the beach, yoga, and animals.
Not So Much: Spelling and grammatical errors, speculation, negativity, and trucks holding up both lanes of traffic.